Though The Haji Festival(土師祭) this year is canceled, Lucky Star Mikoshi (らき☆すた神輿) Passing will be held at the “Yasaka Festival (八坂祭)”, summer festival in Washimiya, thanks to the warm support and cooperation from everyone in Washinomiya-community. So, we are looking for a person who can play a role in raising the Yasaka Festival by carrying Lucky Star Mikoshi on your shoulders.
You can join the carriers of Lucky Star Mikoshi at Yasaka Festival without registration. But if you register as a carrier, you can get the carrier’s T-shirt (official illustration is printed) at the reception on the day and can participate in a lottery for the nice goods related to Lucky Star Mikoshi.

  • There is no provision of lunch boxes and tentative lodging that were offered at Haji Festival. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Yasaka Festival(八坂祭) Overview

"Yasaka Festival八坂祭 (Tennou-sama 天王様)", a festival held in the summer of Washinomiya area, is a festival held to calm the Great King having the head of a bull(牛頭大王), which is regarded as a deadly god, to prepare for the coming of summer that diseases and natural disasters are likely to occur.
From the evening of the fourth Sunday in July every year, five festival floats (山車) decorated with lanterns are drawn. The flute, the drum, and the bell music sound lively to color the hot summer evening.
It is one of the tourist events visited by tourists from inside and outside the prefecture.

  • Event date:22th July 2018 (Sunday)
  • Day section:12:30~16:00
  • Night section:18:45~21:30

※Lucky Star Mikoshi Passing is in Night Section.

Lucky Star Mikoshi Schedule of the Day

  • Participant Reception (Pre-registrated):14:00~17:00
  • Registration on the day:14:00~17:00
  • Commemorative photo:17:30(Free participation. Photos will be released at Lucky Star and twitter)
  • Mikoshi carrier Assembling Time:18:30
  • Lucky Star Mikoshi Passing:19:00~21:00

Registration, Sales of goods, commemorative photo, assembling spot are the same place in car parking of Pony toy store (ポニー玩具店駐車場) where Lucky Star Mikoshi headquarter is set up.

※Schedules may change depending on the situation of the day.

Eligibility for paticipation

Those who agree and acknowledge all the following matters

  • If you register as a Mikoshi carrier, registration fee of 2000 yen is required at the reception on the day.
  • For those under the age of 18, please participate in advance with the permission of the parents.
  • Transportation expenses and accommodation expenses are borne by the participants themselves.
  • For smooth and safe operation, please act in accordance with instruction from the staff.
  • Yasaka Festival Organizing Organization and Lucky Mikoshi Preparation Committee are not responsible for lost property, injury during Mikoshi Passing, etc.
  • Please keep the manner and the promise in the festival, and cooperate with other participants to pump up the Yasaka festival.

Yasaka Festival Lucky Star Mikoshi Map

Yasaka Festival Lucky Star Mikoshi Map


We will serve you water and sweets during Mikoshi Passing so that you can carry cheerfully.

If you register as a carrier, you can get the carrier’s T-shirt (official illustration is printed) at the reception on the day and can participate in a lottery for the nice goods related to Lucky Star Mikoshi.
(If you do not fill in the address at the time of registering or refuse to accept a prize, we will invalidate the winning prize.)

Mikoshi Carrier Registration(2018.7.15 modified)

Schedule of registration is as follows:

  • Pre registration:7th July(Sat) ~ 20th July(Fri) 24:00 at Lucky Star Mikoshi Web site Registration Form for carrier※closed.
  • Registration on the day: 22th July(Sun) 14:00~17:00 at Lucky Star Mikoshi Headquarter (car parking of Pony toy store (ポニー玩具店駐車場)) in Yasaka Festival.

※Even during the period the reception will be closed as soon as the capacity has been reached.

Those who have pre-registered, please go participant reception at the Lucky Star Mikoshi headquarters between 14:00~17:00 on the day.
Please note that registration will be invalid if the reception is not received within the time.
For registration on the day, we will accept participation at the time of registration.

At the time of participation reception, handover fee of 2,000yen for Yasaka festival Lucky Star Mikoshi registration is needed.

※Due to heavy rain, lightning strikes or other reason, the festival might be canceled in halfway. Even if the festival would be canceled halfway, we will not refund the registration fee that you have paid.

Request during Mikoshi Passing(2018.7.15 modified)

  • We are prohibiting wearing Hanten(半纏) (Happi coat(法被)) and similar items other than Yasaka Festival organizers (Shikachou(四ヶ町) and Shinmachi(新町)). As an exception, wearing "Lucky Star Happi coat (法被)" that is Lucky Star related goods is permitted.
  • In the Yasaka Festival Lucky Star Mikoshi, we will not designate clothes for the participants.
  • For injury prevention, avoid wearing clothes and footwear that can not bear heavy movements.
    (Especially high heels, sandals etc.)
  • Do not forcibly carry it to the end, please carry on alternating.
    Unlike the Haji Festival, there are sections with longer distances, so please carry on alternating.
    Staff may encourage change over.
  • When you are not carrying Mikoshi, please cheer the Mikoshi Passing from around.
  • Please speak to the staff near you when you feel sick or in trouble.

Luggage storage(2018.7.17 added)

We will open a luggage storage corner for the registrant of the Lucky Star Mikoshi Carrier along the Washimiya station street.
ou can deposit your luggage for free during Lucky Star Mikoshi Passing.

  • Place:Luggage storage corner(特設手荷物預かり所)along the Washimiya station street.(Reffer above map)
  • Time for deposit:14:30~17:15
  • Time for return:Within 30 minutes after Mikoshi Passing finished

※We do not accept deposit and return other than above time period.

  • Only Lucky Start Mikoshi Carrier registrant can deposit luggage
  • When you deposit your luggage, you need paper of notice handed to Lucky Start Mikoshi Carrier registrant at the reception on the day.
  • For valuables (wallet and return ticket etc), please be sure to manage by yourself.
  • We can not assume the responsibility for loss / theft.

Lottery for Lucky Star Mikoshi Carrier(2018.7.15 added)

We will hold a lottery for people registered as Lucky Star Mikoshi Carrier.
We will give you valuable Lucky Star related goods offered from Kuki-city Chamber of Commerce and Industry Washimiya branch by lottery.

  • Signed T-shirt by Kagami Yoshimizu(美水かがみ先生), author of Lucky Star
  • Signed T-shirt by Kaori Fukuhara(福原香織さん), (voice act as Hiiragi Tsukasa(柊つかさ役))
  • Signed T-shirt by Kaori Shimizu (清水香里さん)(voice act as Hiyori Tamura (田村ひより役))
Lucky Star mikoshi Carrier registrant can select desired prize goods at reception on the day.
At a later date, we will make a lottery for each desired prize, and we will send a prize to those who are elected.

※Please understand that it will be excluded from the lottery if you do not participate Lucky Start Mikoshi Carrier at Yasaka Festival even if you pre-registered.

Person in charge of personal information handling

※We will properly manage the personal information you provided and will not use it for other than 2018 Yasaka Festival Lucky Star Mikoshi Passing operation.
※When we provide personal information to third part such as Kuki City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Washimiya branch, we will inform you every time.

Lucky Star Mikosi Preparation Committee,
Representative Toshisa Ooki/ Vice representative(General Affairs) Seiji Fuchigami