Lucky Star Mikosi's terminologys (Sounds) 

These words are used as signal and command for carrying a Mikoshi.
Please remember these words.
1. IPPON!  : Ippon-Jime(Clap your hands : 3-3-3-1 beat)
ex) "Yo-oh! Cha Cha Cha! Cha Cha Cha! Cha Cha Cha! Cha!"
2. SAMBON! : Sambon-Jime(Clap your hands : "3-3-3-1 beat" and 3 times)
3. MAEDA-MAEDA! : Go Ahead!
4. OSAERO-OSAERO! : Hold up!
5. KATA-IRERO! : Shoulder the Mikoshi! On your shoulder!
6. AWASERO-AWASERO! : Collectively in the rhythm with us!

How to progress with Lucky Star Mikoshi's carrier

Belows are procedures of starting and finishing of carrying a Lucky Star Mikoshi.
Please understand a series of procedures.
1. We gather in the Lucky Star Mikoshi.
2. IPPON-JIME!(Clap your hands : 3-3-3-1 beat)
3. Carry your shoulder to MIKOSHI. And remove a UMA(stand) from MIKOSHI.
4. Begin carrying : Whistle "tweet tweet tweet tweet!"
5. Begin a shout and to proceed the MIKOSHI.
If the rhythm is disturbed, it will return the rhythm with a whistle.
6. Finish a carry and put a MIKOSHI on a UMA(stand).
7. IPPON-JIME!(Clap your hands : 3-3-3-1 beat)
When Mikoshi arrives at Washimiya Shrine at the last : SANBON-JIME(Clap your hands : "3-3-3-1 beat" and 3 times)

Caution of Lucky Star Mikoshi

1. Be aware of heat stroke.
2. Hana-Bou(a person who carry a Mikoshi at the top) should switch in Tokoroten style(First person quit and the next person enters instead)
3. If tired when to carrying to Mikoshi, take a rest.
4. Put on shoulder the Mikoshi.(Mikoshi not having to hand)
5. Do not stand close to Mikoshi.(If not carrying Mikoshi)
6. Always follows the instructions given by staff.
7. Let's have a Nice day with the best pals!